Healthy Office/Event Snacks

Snacking is part of our culture. Did you know that 94-96% of the American population snacks 4-6 times a day? When we're at work and events, we snack, and often the snacks at our offices or events are not the healthiest choices. Some events provide healthy snacks, but they're the same old snacks e.g., fruit and cookies. But you can change that. Brooklyn Granola has created "healthy snack bowls" for the office and events. We make our snacks with organic, gluten-free and NonGMO ingredients. We selectively combine ethically sourced nuts, seeds, dried fruits, gluten-free rolled oats, chocolate etc., in order to make our bite-size vegan bites. You should never have to sacrifice taste in healthy food. That's why Margaret Barrow, the Founder, C.E.O., and vegan recipe maker, created these delicious snacks.

If you and your boss want to support better health and productivity, eating healthy snacks at work and events is the best option. Right now, we offer four different flavors in our snack bowl: Sassy Mango Masala, Luscious Cranberry Coconut, Decadent Chewy Chocolate and Brazen Chocolate Crunch. Each bowl comes with individual 2oz snack cups (see photo). They are the perfect portion, giving you just enough to sustain you to your next meal. Each bowl comes with 20 snack cups unless you need more for your office or event. Try one bowl to see if we're a good fit for you. If we are, you can sign up for a monthly delivery to your office. If you'd rather just order whenever you want them, that's fine too.  We hope that you commit to a healthier YOU.  "Join us in "Snacking With Care"

Some of our clients: Google, Edward Jones Investments (Long Island), Inspire Marketing Group, Volunteers of Legal Service, Long Island Welcome Center - TasteNY (opening of Kosciuszko Bridge between Brooklyn and Queens in 2019), and GF Beauty and Lashes.