Summer Activities Snacks

Summer Activities Snacks

Jun 01, 2023Margaret Barrow

The summer season is all about bike riding to the beach or pool, camping near the lake, and hiking in the great outdoors. Do not forget backyard BBQs, cookouts, and picnics in the park with family and friends. Oh and then there is planting a garden and summertime road trips. Basically, you are going to be really busy this summer.

Before you head out on your next adventure or excursion, you are going to want to pack some delicious and nutritious snacks perfect for all of your summertime activities. Here are eleven summer snacks perfect for your next summertime outdoor adventure with family and friends.

Photo of a fresh coconut split in half.

#1 Coconut

Crazy about coconut? Shredded and unsweetened coconut is a delicious snack. Whether you grab a handful straight from the bag or add some to a batch of homemade trail mix, coconut pairs well with almost anything. (Have you tried our Luscious Cranberry Coconut?) Remember to look at the label and choose brands that do not contain any added sugar or at least keep it to a minimum. Photo credit: OSINSKIH AGENCY

Photo of fresh fruit

#2 Fresh Fruit

Swing by your local community farmers market before you head out and stock up on some summertime staples like blackberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, and strawberries. You can even cut up some summer melons like cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon and create a refreshing summertime fruit salad. See what is available and then plan your summer snacks from there. Photo credit: AlexRaths

#3 Granola

Whether you like granola balls, bars, bites, or a heaping handful straight from the bag, we love granola. Plus, it is compact, convenient, and an easy-to-pack snack for all of your summertime adventures. Choose from fun flavors like Dark Decadent Chewy Chocolate, Luscious Cranberry Coconut, Sassy Mango Salsa, and Scrumptious Strawberry and Banana.

Cannot decide? Try one of our mini-pack bundles where you can get three flavors all in one package. It is a total win-win! Photo credit: Manuta

Nut butters in jars on a table.

#4 Nuts, Nut Butter, Seeds, and Seed Butter

Nuts, nut butter, seeds, and seed butter are all perfect options for a quick and easy summertime snack. Stock up on your favorite nuts like almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, pecans, and walnuts, and some seeds like pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds for a variety of summer snacks. Enjoy a spoonful of nut or seed butter on its own or spread atop your favorite fruit and vegetable sticks. Photo credit: nata_vkusidey

Popcorn and pretzels on a table

#5 Popcorn and Pretzels

Before you hit the hiking trails, pop a bag of popcorn or grab a bag of pretzels and enjoy a crunchy and salty summertime snack. Need something sweet to balance out the salt? Add a small handful of sweet chocolate candies. Yum! Photo credit: michael sheehan

photo of a bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich

#6 Sandwiches

If you and your summer companions are looking for a heartier snack to fuel all of your super fun activities, make some handcrafted sandwiches. Some great go-to options include chickpeas, classic peanut butter and jelly or anything else plant-based that you enjoy. The plant-based sandwich options are truly endless. Photo credit: chas53

bowl with salad sitting on a table

#8 Salads

If you plan on packing a cooler for your summertime camping trip, stock it with freshly made salads. Add some quality sources of fat like avocado slices, nuts, and seeds, or pack a miniature bottle of avocado oil and/or extra virgin olive oil to drizzle on your salad. Add some beans, chickpeas, or another plant-based option like jackfruit for a complete meal. Photo credit: Ivannag82

Fruit smoothies on a table.

#9 Smoothies

Summer is the best time for a homemade smoothie so whether you are biking it to the beach, chilling poolside after a long hike, or hitting up the lake for the afternoon, pack a homemade smoothie. Keep it cold in a cold-friendly thermos and enjoy it while you keep cool in the summer heat and humidity. Do not forget the sunscreen! Photo credit: Svetl

#10 Trail Mix

Need some trail mix ingredient ideas? Try mixing together your favorite snack food staples like almonds, cashews, chia seeds, cocoa nibs, flax seeds, pine nuts, and walnuts drizzled together with a spoonful of honey or maple syrup. Remember to share with others. Photo credit: bhofack2

vegetables cut into stick form sitting inside glass cups on a table

#11 Vegetable Sticks

While you are shopping at the local community farmers market, stock up on fresh vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, cauliflower, celery sticks, and cherry tomatoes then pair them with your favorite dips like dressing, homemade hummus, fresh garden salsa, or guacamole.

No matter where your summertime adventures take you, you, your stomach, and your tastebuds will be set for your next big adventure with these eleven summertime snacks.

- Stay Healthy and Happy

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