The Food Network recommends It's Nola as 1 of "53 Black-Owned Food Brands That You Need In Your Kitchen."


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PressAnne Kadet a contributing writer for The Wall Street Journal quotes Margaret Barrow founder and CEO of It's Nola in the article "The Goods Mart & Black Boxes." Barrow briefly discusses the challenges for black owned businesses and accessing retail stores.


Press Local Channel 4 News features "Teaching The Gift of Granola," highlighting founder Margaret Barrow's commitment to helping her college students as they join her to become a part of the entrepreneur journey.  

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Press Local news Channel 12 features Brooklyn Granola (It's Nola), sharing the story of Professor Margaret Barrow who started the company with the hope of supporting community college students mentoring programs.   

PressDana Cowin, CEO and Founder of Giving Broadly features "A Talk With Margaret Barrow, Founder/CEO It's Nola," sharing the journey of the professor who started a business because her students encouraged her and who created proof of concept without her knowing until they told her. 

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GS1 features Brooklyn Granola (dba It's Nola) in a video interview where she speaks about the importance GS1 codes on her products for the first time, realizing how they made her company "legitimate" and ready for retail. 

Press Pace University features Brooklyn Granola (It's Nola) noting it as an up and coming small business taking advantage of the small business workshops in order to develop the business.