Where To Find Our Products

We're working hard to get our healthy, plant-based and delicious tasting vegan better for you snacks on shelves in your neighborhoods. Right now, you can go purchase our products at the following locations in NYC:
  • The Goods Mart - Manhattan
  • Taste NY - Long Island Welcome Center
  • Taste NY - Grand Island Welcome Center
  • Taste NY - Adirondacks Welcome Center (vending machine)

If you want our granola ball snacks as a healthy vegan option in your your local store, send us the managers/buyers information and we'll make it happen. 

Snack Boxes:

  • Snack Jones, CA
  • The Goods Mart - Manhattan, NY
  • Tiny Bodega - Harlem, NY 
  • Bifties - Freehold, New Jersey
  • Get The Bag - Cleveland, OH

If you're looking to add our healthy granola snack bites to your snack boxes, send an email to info@itsnola.com. Tell us about your company and how we can work together.  

E-Commerce Platform Partners:



Some of our corporate customers include: Google, MasterCard, McKinsey & Company, Edward Jones, Better Place Forest, and QVC.

Where To Find Our Products 

We are a certified minority women-owned business.