What's in It's Nola Snacks?

We use gluten-free organic rolled oats, organic real nut and seed proteins (healthy fats), organic dried fruit, organic spices, and lots of love. Unlike your traditional granola, It's NOLA is low in sugar. The sugar comes from the marshmallow which is made with natural ingredients (sugar cane and tapioca) and there is added sugar that comes from the cranberries, and no added sugar in the mango and dates. It's NOLA is low in sodium. We add salt to bring out the flavors and it also helps to preserve the combined ingredients. It's NOLA is low in carbohydrates and fats. We all like a low calorie snack: 120 per serving. You can eat 6 of the cranberry and coconut balls, 7 of the mango masala, and all 10 of the dark Decadent Chewy Chocolate making up one serving. Watch out! This dark chocolate is especially made for people who love dark chocolate and who can appreciate its bitter healthiness combined with a bit of sweetness once you chew into it. That combination of bitter and sweet is another one of our special snack experiences. Move over caffeine, this ball will give you the morning boost you need! 

We're going to be honest: they're hard to stop eating once you start. Healthy vegan snacks can taste delicious--that was the goal for Margaret Barrow, the Founder. As a health-conscious foodie, she was tired of eating healthy snacks that just didn’t taste good and were full of sugar. So, she created better tasting and healthier options that bring value to your life.  

Our Flavor choices: Sassy Mango Masala--a perfect combination of mango and savory masala, Luscious Cranberry Coconut--a delightful combination of cranberries and coconut, and Dark Decadent Chewy Chocolate for the true dark chocolate lovers! Bitter on the outside and sweet on the inside = a delightful treat when you chew. Our new 2021 flavor is Scrumptious Strawberry Banana, set to launch soon. There are more flavors launching in 2022. Pst. Can you say, mango, chili, lime, nuts and seeds and special spices? Or, what about chocolate, mint and more special spices? We look forward to surprising your tastebuds. 

Allergens & Warnings: Contains tree nuts and soy.