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Looking for a healthy snack with sweetness built into the ingredients? Yes, I want it!

Natural ingredients

Looking for a healthy snack with an exotic flavor to tickle your tastebuds? Try our bestseller. Yes, I want it!

Snacks Loved by kids and adults.

Yes, I want it!


We are honored to have our snacks selected by Kampgrounds of America, AARP, Hearst's RISE Program, JustWorks, McKinsey & Company, Harvard University, Hyatt Regency Green Bay, Canvas Meetings, QVC, The Goodsmart, Bifties, Get The Bag Boss, Iris House, Snack Jones, TasteNY, Jack Nadel International, Ellen Weldon Design LLC, and many others.

We use only natural and organic ingredients. Unlike your traditional granola, It's NOLA is low in sugar.

Small batches of granola are mixed until dry meets wet to make every ingredient delightfully moist.

The batches warm up in the oven, interrupted only enough to turn them over.

Each batch is hand-rolled with care and patience to form perfect little granola balls.

Our healthy, plant-based and delicious tasting vegan better-for-you snacks are ready to be enjoyed by you!

"Hate crumbs when you want to snack on granola? If you do, then these granola balls are great for you. Chewy and tasty - delicious by itself for snacking or on yogurt in the morning." - Alexis

"This granola is amazing! Total game changer!" - Tracey

"It's Nola has managed to combine chewy, crunchy, delicious, and nutritious in a magnificent way! " - Brenda

"Oh,my first bite was wowww! I couldn't resist got the second one and now can't stop."😂 -Rizona

Healthy and Happy

Throwback Foods/Snacks We Love with a More Mindful Twist (Whole Foods 2023 Trend)

Throwback Foods/Snacks We Love with a More Mindful Twist (Whole Foods 2023 Trend)

Who doesn't love a throwback food? But now that we're focused on eating healthy, we also want to make our throwback food with our health in mind. That's why this month we focus on sharing our ideas for healthy throwback foods you won't forget. And you might even decide to make this one your throwback food in the future.
Ingredient Spotlight: Natural Sweetener, Dates (Whole Foods 2023 Trend)

Ingredient Spotlight: Natural Sweetener, Dates (Whole Foods 2023 Trend)

Natural sweeteners are becoming increasingly popular as people are looking for healthier alternatives to refined sugar. There are several benefits such as low calories, low glycemic index, nutrient-rich, natural flavors, and environmentally friendly. We share some of our favorites. Overall, natural sweeteners can be a great addition to a healthy diet, providing sweetness without the negative health effects associated with regular sugar.
Beverage Pairings + It’s NOLA

Beverage Pairings + It’s NOLA

This month we're sharing how we pair It's Nola Granola Snacks with beverage(s). From your favorite tea, coffee and plant-based milk to your favorite wine or something stronger, our snacks create a delightful experience. Plus, there's no mess. It's a chewy texture filled with gratifying taste in every bite. Pairing It's Nola Granola Snacks with beverages is truly an enjoyable experience.  As many of our customers say as they nod with a smile, "That's good! I didn't expect that." 

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