Six Pack Bundle

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You're looking for a healthy snack in your pantry, and you've opened every cabinet only to peer inside and nothing. The kids are staring up at you waiting for their favorite snack, but there's none left. That's when you realize that you need to buy in bulk. We've been there. We've got your back. It's healthy, It's flavorful, It's chewy, and It's kid and mom-approved. It's Nola Bundles. 

Maybe you have some loved ones you're missing and you'd like to send a healthy snack care package to them. Go ahead. Make their day. We'll send a special note with your package.  

The bundle includes 6 of your favorite flavor of It's Nola healthy snack bites.

Note: We use nuts in all our snacks.

Customer Reviews

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Janet Jones
Yummy Granola

I love the c Granola and I treat myself from time to time. I actually thought I was ordering the large size. But, that it didn't take away from me enjoying the delious snack. I truly love the granola.

Donna Johns

very flavorful, great to snack on

Ruby D.
The Bundle

I love my bundle! Delicious and nutritional! What else could one want in a snack! Convenient. My go to snack! So glad my Luxe and Luminous box introduced me to these snacks! Grateful, grateful, grateful!