Origin Story

I cannot tell you how much it means to me when we receive an alert that someone has purchased our snacks on Shopify or someone has sent us a wholesale inquiry to purchase It's Nola granola balls (bites). You are making dreams come true.  

Mission Statement: To inspire and promote healthy eating and living. 

How? We make snacking healthy by creating delicious and uniquely flavored plant-based snacks. Our first creation is vegan granola ball snacks. Think of us as urban vegan gourmet. With 94%-96% of people snacking 4-6 times a day, we believe that snacking healthy is more important now than ever.

We support mentoring relationships that inspire community college students to follow their dreams. We are strong advocates and grateful benefactors of mentoring relationships. 

Core Values: As a company, our values mirror who we are: Caring, Honest, Reliable, Respectful, Hardworking, Accountable, and Committed to creating addictive healthy snacks with attitude and a bold Brooklyn style.

Our Story

Margaret Barrow

I am Margaret Barrow, Founder and CEO of It's Nola (formerly Brooklyn Granola). I am a college professor, author, and keynote speaker. I am also a mother, sister, daughter, auntie, friend and vegan. Like you, I am complex and full of complexities. One f my greatest passions is reading. A teacher of mine once said that I devoured books. They saved my life, giving me places to travel and escape a very challenging childhood. They also provided a pathway to teaching. I am an educator at heart. I've also been someone who has always been interested in healthy living since I was a young kid. So, it wasn't so strange for me to start cooking healthy foods and snacks to share with my students. Another passion of mine is fostering mentor relationships. Mentoring, like all relationships, requires a deep commitment. One must enter the relationship with purpose and intention to build and guide. Investing time in the growth of another human being requires an invaluable time investment.  To me, caring about others means caring about the whole person.  As I head into the next phase of my life, one of my top goals is to connect It's Nola with a national mentoring program that mirrors my beliefs in the power of mentoring to save and nurture lives, no matter how young or old.