7 Ways to Practice Mindful Mental Health

7 Ways to Practice Mindful Mental Health

Mar 01, 2022Margaret Barrow

Health is important to us. Whether it is immune health, physical health, or mental health, we believe it is important to care for all aspects of the body, mind, and soul and that includes intellectual health.

Project School Wellness says, “Intellectual wellness means striving toward continued intellectual growth, creativity in life, and good overall mental health.” We believe by building the right habits and finding ways to be more mindful each and every day, we can create lifelong happiness and health. Here are seven ways to create better mental happiness and health in your life.

#1 Be Present

Exuding warmth is a quality we should all try to embody, but is also something we can become more aware of within our daily interactions. Practice being mentally present when you are having a conversation with someone. Avoid looking at your phone, listen intently, and be fully present to what they are saying by actively listening to them. When you can fully engage mentally, your best self can show up not only for yourself, but others as well.

#2 Create an Inner Circle

Find your tribe and create an inner circle of people you can count on. Family, friends, neighbors, even coworkers. Have at least three close friends you can depend on. In fact, for every new friend you make, your mental happiness increases by 15%, and what better way to create more mindful health and wellness than with others.

#3 Find Balance in Community

Take advantage of the community you live in and appreciate it for all it has to offer. Spend time admiring town murals painted by local artists and have a thought-provoking conversation with someone else about them. Hike outdoor trails, or stop by the town square for a community event and have a mentally stimulating conversation with other event-goers. You moved to your community for a reason, so rediscover the very reasons you first fell in love with it, but at the same time, do not forget to give back. Join a local organization and volunteer to clean a local park or see if you can start a community garden. You can even recruit family and friends to join. Not only will you be supporting your more mindful lifestyle, but you will also be making your community a better place to live for everyone both physically and mentally.

#4 Get Engaged

Find something you like and just do it. Take that art class you have had your eye on, sign up for that cooking class, visit that museum. Experts have found the effort of doing something is way more important for happiness than what you actually do, so pick something of interest and just go for it.

#5 Look Forward

Another way to practice more mindful mental health is to set goals for yourself. You do not have to save goals for the New Year. You can set them up any time! Go ahead and set goals and monitor progress on the things that are most meaningful to you.

Make a larger goal for the year then map out smaller, actionable steps you can take each month, each week, and each day to help you reach your main goal. Whether it is taking a continued learning class at the community center or improving verbal skills through an app or online class, set some goals for yourself and take action to help improve your mental happiness, health, and well-being.

#6 Practice Problem Solving

One of the best ways to keep your mental health sharp is by practicing problem-solving skills. Grab a puzzle, practice math problems or sign up for an app you can use to help keep you stay on top of your (mental) game.

#7 Shape Your Surroundings

Set up your home, social networks, and workspace to favor mental happiness and health. Bring a favorite piece of art to the office or put pictures in frames and display them on your bookshelf.

Also, consider unfollowing social media accounts that do not bring you happiness. Instead of following social accounts to stay up to date with political, social, and world events, keep abreast of these important issues by reading and reviewing books, magazines, and newspapers articles.

Remember, practicing good mental health is just as important as exercising, making smart snack choices, or shopping for nutritious food choices. Make a mental health plan and strategize ways you can create, cultivate, and practice more mindful mental happiness and health within your own life.

- Stay Healthy and Happy

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