We’re Celebrating Mothers!

We're Celebrating Mothers!

May 02, 2021Margaret Barrow

We’re Celebrating Mothers!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Ideas
Mother’s Day is right around the corner (Sunday, May 9th to be exact). This Mother’s Day, find the perfect present for every mom in your life with our Mother’s Day gift guide. Whether you are shopping for aunts, grandmothers, mothers or sisters, we have Mother’s Day gift ideas for all of the women in your life. Plus, all of these gifts are centered around, family, health and wellness because we want all of the moms in your life to be happy and healthy.

We’re Celebrating Mothers!

Mother’s Day History

Mother’s Day celebrations can be traced back to ancient Greek and Rome, where festivals were initially held to honor the mothering goddesses. Over time, Christians adopted a “Mothering Sunday” to honor their local community church with a special service. By the 1930s and 1940s, Mothering Sunday shifted to a more secular celebration where children would give their mothers cards, flowers and other tokens of appreciation. Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world and is as unique as the countries and cultures that celebrate. For example, Mother’s Day is observed in August in Thailand, while in Ethiopia, families gather to enjoy a feast of food and sing songs together. Learn more about the history of Mother’s Day.

We’re Celebrating Mothers!

Mother’s Day Gifts for All Moms

All moms could use the gift of relaxation, so give them a Mother’s Day gift that will help them unwind after a busy day. Some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that any mom would love to relax with include:

  • An at-home spa inspired gift basket complete with bath bombs or bubble bath, relaxing essential oils with a diffuser and scented candles. Add a pair of fuzzy slippers and a silky smooth sleep mask for all the tools mom needs to relax after a long day.
  • Classes to a favorite local meditation or yoga studio.
  • If you really want to go big for Mother’s Day, send mom to her favorite spa for the day so she can recharge her batteries.

Looking for something a little smaller or maybe less expensive? Use a spa concierge service and schedule mom an at-home facial, manicure or pedicure. Maybe all three!

We’re Celebrating Mothers!

Mother’s Day Gifts for Busy Moms

If you know a busy mom, and let’s be real we all do, give them a Mother’s Day gift that will make their lives easier like

  • A cell phone battery charger case to keep her plugged in at all times.
  • Gourmet coffee or tea kits complete with a new hot beverage carrier so she can take her favorite beverage with her wherever the day takes her. Include a decadent sweet treat that pairs perfectly with her hot beverage of choice.
  • Subscription to her favorite magazine so she can catch up on all of her favorite reads in between errands and school drop offs.

We’re Celebrating Mothers!

Mother’s Day Gifts for Culinary Goddesses

If your mom is a top chef or perhaps a wannabe Betty Crocker, these Mother’s Day gifts are perfect for all of the bakers, chefs and cooks in your life:

  • A new recipe book from her favorite culinary inspiration.
  • Get creative with a customized apron or chef’s coat. Maybe include a chef’s hat, just for fun!
  • The kitchen gadget she has had her eye on like a French press or vegetable spiralizer for all of the new recipes she has been wanting to try.
  • Stock mom up with some of her favorite foods like Vicky Cakes.

We’re Celebrating Mothers!

Mother’s Day Gifts for Outdoor Moms

If the moms in your life prefer to reconnect with Mother Nature, plan a day spent outdoors:

  • Go for a morning walk with Mom and include a mug of her favorite coffee or tea and a two serving size snack for you to share. Choose from Luscious Cranberry Coconut or Sassy Mango Masala.
  • Hit the hiking trails, but don’t forget to pack delicious and nutritious snacks!
  • Plan a family picnic at the community park or make a meal outdoors in the backyard.
  • Sign up the entire family for a local 5K run or walk, then enjoy a Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch.

If you’re making a Mother’s Day meal at home and need some recipe inspiration, check out @MBVeganShare or join our CEO live @itsnolasnack every other Sunday when she shares some delicious and nutritious Vegan recipes. Don’t worry, even if you aren’t Vegan, you will enjoy these dishes.

We’re Celebrating Mothers!

Mother’s Day Gifts for Women of Wellness

For all the wellness warriors in your life, give them a gift that will compliment their active lifestyles. Some wellness-inspired Mother’s Day gifts include:

  • Active wear such as  a new workout top, running shorts or yoga pants. One of our favorite brands for all things fashion is The Attico Company.
  • A new yoga mat. Choose from a plethora of patterns and colors that will inspire mom to get her namaste on. 
  • Gym bag packed with workout essentials like a set of gliders, resistance bands and a new water bottle.
  • Restock mom with a supply of all her favorite snacks she can refuel with after her sweat sesh. Include a smoothie carrier for all of her fruit smoothies and homemade protein shakes post workout. 
  • Sign mom up for an online class like yoga through sites like Fit N Play Mama.

We’re Celebrating Mothers!

When it comes to Mother's Day, there is no right or wrong gift to give the moms in your life. Whatever you decide to gift mom, remember the best Mother’s Day gift of all is to tell her how much you appreciate and love her. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Bonus Recipe:

Turmeric Latte just for mom!

1 tsp minced tumeric 

1 tsp minced ginger

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

Optional: Add favorite natural sweetener. 

Directions: Place all items in a small blender (or large if you're making some for more than one person). Blend for 30 seconds. Pour in saucepan and let heat for a few minutes. (Don't boil) Pour into cup. Optional: sprinkle cinnamon. Sip and relax. 

Tag us @itsnolasnack so we can see how you enjoy spending time with mom.

Need some recipe inspiration for your next springtime picnic? Check out @MBVeganShare or join our CEO live @itsnolasnack every other Sunday when she shares some delicious and nutritious Vegan recipes. Don’t worry, even if you aren’t Vegan, you will enjoy these dishes.

We want you healthy and happy.

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