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Sassy Mango Masala On NYC Streets

Luscious Cranberry Coconut On NYC Streets

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Girl!!!  You have something very special in this product. Simply put they are Clean and Delicious!!! Please know that if they were not perfect I would give honest sincere feedback.  But, the product is perfect as is.

- Sharmaine

Wow! These are wonderful! They are so flavorful, sweet and satisfying, yet so healthy! I love the Sassy Mango! I could eat the whole bag at one sitting they're so good, but you don't need to; a serving size satisfies for several hours. Just to be fair, I'm not a big fan of coconut flakes so I haven't tried that flavor. I will definitely be ordering more Mango! I also have to mention the customer service is fantastic as well, always putting the customer first!! I love your products and I love doing business with you! I hope to see more flavors coming out soon! 😍

- Mary

I think I might have told you before that I use a tightly sealed glass jar to store as many bags that fit into the jar.  After my morning jog or before going to the gym I grab 2 or 3, so they are so handy for just a little something.  Of course, I have to be careful, or before I know it, I’ve eaten way beyond the 2-3 bites.  I just turned 70 last November so I need to continue working out and eating in moderation.

- Nancy

So delicious! We had the two types (Sassy Mango and Luscious Cranberry) of granola balls at our Film Screening Dec 2019 and everyone loved them. fresh, great snacks and easy to eat. Margaret is so wonderful and supportive, we loved working with her for our event! Thank you so much!

- Elemental Women Productions

The granola bites are delicious, healthy, and a great quick snack. Once I open the bag, I have to eat it all. They are that good. My favorite the cranberry flavour. Thank you so much ladies for creating this product. Looking forward to see the growth of this business.

- Calila

Both flavors are delicious. I didn’t feel guilty eating after. Healthy and my kids LOVED them! Waiting for more flavors!

- Monique

The granola bites are super tasty (and healthy, which is awesome)! They make for a great snack. Highly recommend the Mango or Cranberry Coconut flavors. Looking forward to seeing you grow throughout Brooklyn and beyond.

- Benjamin

Absolutely delicious! Not messy like other granola snacks, very healthy, made with quality ingredients! The package is great as well, I can seal it up and take on the go. So delicious, have my pantry stocked up and would highly recommend trying it!

- Mark

Digging into this delicious snack. I can taste all of the natural ingredients and they complement each other to deliver a wonderful taste. It’s my new go to snack!

- Antonios

This granola is truly amazing. I even gave it to my 8-year-old who can always tell when I'm giving her something healthy and this time she couldn't and actually enjoyed how delicious these products are. I can't.

- Iliana

These granola bites feature unique and delicious flavors and come in an easy to snack format. The mango masala is excellent! Thank you so much.

- Eliza

They are completely addictive, and I enjoy them very much. Absolutely delicious and they have a large thud factor as well. What is thud? Thud is filling along with good energy that lasts. I can last a while on these.

- Mark