Companies: Are You Looking for A Discount or Wholesale?

We sell to businesses:

  • Corporations (e.g., employee welcome boxes, snack pantry, cafeterias, events)
  • Hotels
  • Snack box companies (monthly subscriptions and special event)
  • Cafes 
  • Universities (e.g, cafeterias and events)
  • Event Coordinators 
  • Retail stores

Some of our customers include:

MasterCard, Google, Goldman Sachs, McKinney & Co., Hyatt Regency Green Bay, Enthuse Marketing, The Goods Mart, Snack Jones, Eat Okra, Get The Bag, Mount Holyoke College, Harvard University, Activate Inc., Bifties Gifts, Bluedog Design, Brunchista, Quarate Retail Group, Hearst, 

Ask us for our sell sheet. For retail, we also promote our products on social media, sending new customers to your store on a constant basis. For in-store promotions, call us to schedule a month in advance (We can provide self-contained mini packs to your customers.). We look forward to hearing from you. 

Contact us at: If you need to speak to someone, we invite you to contact our CEO and Founder, Margaret Barrow at 917-687-0651. Leave a message and you will receive a phone call.