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What are It's Nola Snacks?

It's the game-changing solution for granola lovers tired of messy crumbs and folks looking for a healthy better-for-you snack.

Chewy texture

Low in Sugar

Low in sodium

Low in calories

Boldly Delicious

What Makes It's Nola a great snack for your company?

When you choose It's Nola granola bites, you're not just buying snacks; you're expressing genuine care for your employees' well-being.
It's mess free!

Behold, a granola experience redefined – where every bite is free from crumbs, offering you unadulterated delight. With each bite, your employees experience a satisfying texture that adds a touch of indulgence to their workday.

It's healthy fuel!

Introducing the secret to a powerhouse workday: It's Nola granola bites. Fueling success starts with nourishment. Our granola snacks are a powerhouse of wholesome ingredients, carefully crafted to infuse energy and vitality into your team's daily routine.

It's plant-based excellence!

Embrace the future of snacking with It's Nola granola bites– a plant-based marvel that resonates with the health-conscious values of today's workforce. Providing a snack option that aligns with ethical and dietary preferences speaks volumes about your company's commitment to progressive choices.

It's team unity!

Picture your employees gathered around, savoring the goodness of It's Nola granola bites. These shared moments create connections, foster collaborations, and enhance unity, transforming your workplace into a thriving community.

It's mess free!
It's healthy fuel!
It's plant-based excellence!
It's team unity!

We Are A Recognized & Certified Minority Women-owned Business

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Minority and Women-Owned Business

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BBB Accredited

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It's Snack Time

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If you need to speak to someone directly, please contact our CEO and Founder, Margaret Barrow at:


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