Healthy and Happy

Ingredient Spotlight: Natural Sweetener, Dates (Whole Foods 2023 Trend)
Apr 01, 2023
Natural sweeteners are becoming increasingly popular as people are looking for healthier alternatives to refined sugar. There are several benefits such as low calories, low glycemic index, nutrient-rich, natural flavors, and environmentally friendly. We share some of our favorites. Overall, natural sweeteners can be a great addition to a healthy diet, providing sweetness without the negative health effects associated with regular sugar.
Beverage Pairings + It’s NOLA
Mar 01, 2023
This month we're sharing how we pair It's Nola Granola Snacks with beverage(s). From your favorite tea, coffee and plant-based milk to your favorite wine or something stronger, our snacks create a delightful experience. Plus, there's no mess. It's a chewy texture filled with gratifying taste in every bite. Pairing It's Nola Granola Snacks with beverages is truly an enjoyable experience.  As many of our customers say as they nod with a smile, "That's good! I didn't expect that."  Support local business. Support small business. Support Black owned business. Support women owned business. 
Healthier Options for the Foods You Love
Feb 01, 2023
Being healthy requires a thoughtful approach and that's why we're sharing some simple ways to swap some of your favorite foods that might not be the healthiest for healthier versions. We know how important tastes is when it comes to eating. Healthy does not have to be tasteless. When you try these healthy versions, don't be afraid to have fun with seasonings and light sauces. We believe that healthy food should taste good.
How to Slowly Ease into a Healthier Lifestyle
Jan 01, 2023
There's no need to rush into making New Year resolutions. We encourage you start 2023 taking the time to slowly ease into healthy lifestyle routines. To get you started, we have eight easy tips on how you can kick off the new year. We're here to support your health and wellness goals.
Healthy Holiday Baking and Cooking Swaps
Dec 01, 2022
The holiday season is upon us! We're excited to share with you some healthy options for making amazing food this season. Try some of these healthy alternatives. Keep in mind that we're here to provide you with the best healthy options we know. If you have some you'd like to share with us, don't hesitate to send them our way at We'd love to hear from you.
How to Put a Healthy Spin on Holiday Classics
Nov 01, 2022
The holiday season is full of fond memories especially all the amazing foods that make this season special. This month, we're focused on making those classic dishes from our childhoods a bit healthier and still tasty.
How Certain Foods Can Affect Our Hormones
Oct 01, 2022
We're talking about hormones and food this month. As we seek to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we want to know more about the foods we eat and how they affect growth, metabolism, aging, energy, reproduction, etc. Did you know one of the reasons our CEO, Dr. Margaret Barrow starting making her own chewy granola snack bites was due to an increase of weight during menopause? No matter our age, our hormones play a vital role in our health. The more you know the better choices you can make for you and your family.
Family Dinner Meal Planning Tips
Sep 01, 2022
We're sharing tips this month about meal planning to make the process a bit easier.  You only need to start with a simple question: What's do we want to eat? Go backwards. Once you figure out what you want to eat for the week, you can shop and prep. There are other tips for prepping to relieve the stress of trying to figure out what to cook. We're here to help you maintain a life healthy and happy lifestyle.
Aging and Eating
Aug 01, 2022
Aging gracefully takes knowledge about the foods you need to eat to keep your body and mind strong. Exercising daily is important too. In the August blog, we provide some food tips about eating foods rich in nutrients to keep you healthy and strong.